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The Great American Pastime & Sexual Stamina

One of the biggest misconceptions about going the distance in bed is the practice of thinking of non-sex related topics, like, you guessed it, baseball. Apparently, no matter how much success you think that you have had with that trick in the past or not, it is counterintuitive to how your body works during sex. The further you detach yourself from the situation, the more likely you will have less control over when you finish. It may be beneficial to zero in on your breathing and try to regulate it. This can help to find a smoother rhythm and increase your stamina. Also, shifting focus to specific body parts of your partner, like eyes, may help to anticipate what she or he may want. Thus, improving the experience for both of you.


This next suggestion may seem easier said than done. “Try not to worry about it too much.” Although it is a concerning problem, worrying about it will only perpetuate the vicious cycle of feeling inadequate that can bring on both stress and depression. Both stress and depression will affect your libido and sexual performance, so the sooner you realize that this is a common problem for men, then the sooner you can put some of these methods into practice and overcome them to enjoy sex with your partner more.


There are also foods that you can consume that help to heighten performance levels for functions of the body that are related to your sexual stamina. For the purpose increasing blood flow, eat these: watermelon, ginger, garlic, and chili peppers. Foods that benefit your physical endurance due to high levels of protein, calories, and omega 3’s: salmon, bananas, oats, and nuts.

If you have tried all of the above and still feel like sex with your partner is lopsided in terms of satisfaction and longevity, meaning you just aren’t lasting long enough to allow your partner to climax. Then maybe it is time to consider having a minimally invasive male enhancement procedure to help fill the gaps of where you feel you are falling short. Perhaps enhancing your manhood will help to fulfill your partner more effectively. Consult a professional to see what you can do to gain the confidence that you need to feel complete.

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