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Length vs. Girth: Penis Enlargement

People are always toting that “bigger is better,” but in what sense? There are a lot of different types of penis sizes. What is better, length or girth?

Penises come in all different shapes and sizes, lengths and thickness. “Pencil” or “mushroom top” are a few common nicknames for penises that have length but not girth, and girth with no length. Below, we’ll talk about length vs girth and how you can improve the size of your penis.

Penis Length

Length is important. Length is the parameter that most men are judged on upon when discussing penis size. Many women report not being able to “feel it” when having sex with a guy that is “small.”

Length also adds to the visual gratification when undressing for your partner. But the reality is, most women want a guy who is slightly above average but not gigantic. A recent study showed that the average woman wants a guy who is 6.4 inches length.

So an above average penis length is a good thing to have and a good goal to shoot for.

Penis Girth

Girth, or the thickness of your penis, is considered by some the more important dimension in the  ideal penis size women want. Instead of just pleasuring vaginally with a larger length, an above average girth allows you to please her vaginally as well as clitorally. The clitoris is mostly internal and covers almost the entire pelvic floor.

What penis size do women want?

Most women prefer girth over length. As Men’s Health has noted, several comprehensive studies on this very topic concluded girth always comes out the winner.

A wider penis promotes greater clitoral stimulation, the more extensive internal structure of the clitoris explains the fascination with thickness of an erection over length of an erection. The vagina is actually relatively shallow, with an average of a few inches of depth. Most of the sexual stimulation happens along and near the wall of the vagina, so if you want to have the maximum impact, girth is necessary.

If you want a thicker, firmer penis, you can take action.

How Can Male Enhancement Center of America Help?

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