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Penis Enlargement: Does it work?

There are some proven, and unproven ways to increase your penis size, temporarily and permanently.

Penis enlargement is a large concern for many men. Most guys at one point or another have hoped their penis was larger, many have even taken steps to rectify it. There are many options out there for male enhancement:

Penis Enlargement: Devices, Pills and Creams

Bring on the “easy” solutions for increasing the size of your penis. People naturally want a quick and cheap solution to any problems they have, but most times, the gimmicks just doesn’t work.

Using a Vacuum Pump for Penis Enlargement

One method of “increasing” your penis size might be to try a penis pump. The penis is placed in the device and the “pump” draws extra blood into the penis, making it swell and erect. Then a clamp is placed on the base of the penis with a tight ring to keep it erect. The effect only lasts as long as you have the ring on, but prolonged use can easily cause tissue damage.

Penis pumps have been used to help treat erectile dysfunction, but are not proven to increase the size of the penis.

Stretching Your Penis with Weights

Don’t! Just don’t! This method of “increasing” your penis size has many risks include tearing of the tissue, burst blood vessels, and other problems. And while stretching devices can make you longer, they won’t produce permanent results on their own, and the won’t add girth.

Penis Pills, Supplements, Ointments, and Creams

It seems every week a new supplement or cream comes on the market and claims it can increase penis length and girth. Bottom line, there is no pill or ointment that can help your penis size increase.

According to Thomas J. Walsh, M.D. an associate professor of urology and director of the University of Washington Men’s Health Center, “To date there’s never been a cream, a pill, or anything of that nature that’s been shown to benefit phallus size.”

Penis Enlargement: Surgery and Procedures

Having a penis enlargement procedure is the only legitimate way to increase the length or girth of your penis.

Lengthening the Penis

The most common way this procedure is performed is “revealing” more of the penis by cutting the ligament that connects the penis to the pelvic bone. Stretching devices are required to maintain length and prevent the ligament from reattaching.

Another way to increase length of the penis is a minimally invasive procedure that can increase length up to 1 inch.

Thickening the Penis

While penis length is important to an enhanced sexual experience, two recent studies show what women really want, is added girth.

Procedures using implanted fat, permanent fillers, silicone or tissue grafts can be performed to thicken the penis. A simple, non-surgical procedure can be performed in under an hour and can easily increase girth of a man’s penis.

How Can Male Enhancement Center of America Help?

Gain the added length and girth you desire through the minimal invasive procedure performed by a Male Enhancement Center of America doctors. Results vary by patient, but on the average, each minimally invasive BellaFill® procedure can increase length and  girth.

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